How To Prepare For An Outdoor Wedding

How To Prepare For An Outdoor WeddingWeddings are always a lot more fun when held outdoors. People seem to be more relaxed when parties or events are held outdoors instead of a cramped indoors venue. Fresh outdoor air and starlit skies at night sets the mood for light talks and positive vibes. The only thing that can ruin a perfect wedding reception held outdoors is when it rains without warning and the guests will have to run for cover. Chaos will instantly ensue without doubt. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent an outdoor wedding from getting ruined.

Plans and Back-Up Plans

It is a must to plan any event to the smallest detail and not leave anything to chance because even a small detail can cause a big issue when not taken care of. It is also worth mentioning that the plan should have at least one back-up plan in case the original plan cannot be executed for some reason such as venue issues or weather issues. When planning an outdoor wedding, include in the plan a marquee hire to address issues of unexpected rains. Preferably, the marquee

Tips to Planning Your Wedding Catering Menu

Tips to Planning Your Wedding Catering MenuPlanning your wedding can be one of the most daunting and exhausting experience you will ever go through. Of course you want the day to be perfect, go without any problems and give you time to enjoy the experience. Unfortunately due to the stress placed on brides for the perfect day, this is one of the most frustrating experiences they will ever go through.

Most brides start planning their special day a year in advance, this gives you time to make all the arrangements, book the venue, arrange wedding catering and invite your guests. There are some important factors to take into consideration when it comes to wedding catering, ensuring that you appeal to all your guests’ palettes and that everyone has an enjoyable meal that will be remembered for years to come.

The first thing to take into consideration when planning your wedding catering menu is to consider your guests. Who have you invited, what do they like and what type of food do you think is going to appeal to all of them. Of course variety is important, enabling all

Going to Shop For Your Wedding Dress Know These Things

Shop For Your Wedding DressWhen you’ve said “yes” to the big question, your psyche will begin considering how you will prepare yourself for the special day. Obviously, you’ve presumably been thinking about this since you were a child thus the style and area of your big day will be clear in your psyche. When you have concurred this with your groom to be, mother, and friends, you’ll have an immense measure of things to start arranging.

Organizing a wedding is no small undertaking, yet for the most part, you will have extraordinary backing from family and companions; however the one choice that it liable to be yours alone will be to pick a wedding dress. Picking a dress design can be very troublesome, and the several kinds of colours accessible can complicate the decisions in addition to the greater part of the integral marriage adornments. Precisely for this reason, getting a second sentiment from family and companions is a wise choice.

The season in which you are getting married will be one of the main components while picking attire. You will require a lighter fabric in case the

Enjoy a Fairy Tale Wedding in Beautiful Venues

Is there anything more magical than a wedding? It is a fairy tale come true—well maybe not so much if you don’t have a fairy godmother to help you with everything. Someone needs to organise the dozens of invitations and RSVP’s, the time spent picking the dresses, the prospective DJs, the décor and the dessert menu just to name a few wedding necessities. The untold amount of effort that goes into planning and coordinating every last detail is almost too much to handle. But if you are organised and disciplined, you can avoid the stresses involved in undertaking such a large task.

While weddings may not come together with the wave of a magic wand, there’s no reason you shouldn’t expect your wedding to be anything less than an enchanted affair. This means that you’ll definitely want someone on your side that has “the magic touch” with regards to wedding preparation. This can be especially true when it comes to selecting a viable venue. After all, there are so many potential wedding locales to choose from in Western Australia alone, and the wrong choice can put a real damper on your special day.

Here is a

How to Budget for Your Wedding Cake

1. Do your digging!

Start with your research on various cake shops to find out how much wedding cakes cost generally. To find out prices, you do not have to enter into the entire process of consultations and tasting sessions, you would just need to enquire on prices of a bakery’s past cakes.

Another way to find out cake prices would be to ask the people you already know; friends and family. Find out where they got their wedding cake from, how many people the cake fed, and how much it cost. Also, get pictures and as many details as you can! That would be enough to start on the next step.


  • A more well-known and sizeable cake shop does not necessarily need to be more pricey and vice versa
  • Cake prices vary with country; try not to base your budgeting on quotations you have gotten from different countries.

2. Purpose & Options

Now that you know how much a cake costs on average, it is important to discuss how vital a cake is to your wedding! Why are you getting the cake? This will help you understand how much you would

How The Little Things Can Make Your Wedding Day Special

Whether you consider yourself a romantic or not there is no denying that a wedding is a truly wonderful occasion. The joining of two people is a fantastic and nothing could be better than seeing two people head over heels in love, committing to spending the rest of their lives together. Planning a wedding and ensuring you both have the perfect day is however never easy.

From the moment he, or even she, has found the perfect engagement ring and gotten down on one knee to the moment you walk into your wedding reception as husband and wife I am sure you will agree that there are a million and one things to consider!

From the date to the venue to the guest list; planning everything perfectly and working to make your day truly special can take months if not years of hard work and preparation. With countless details to consider, a number of dress fittings and the worry that niggling worry in the back of your head that urges you to triple check whether or not you have enough champagne is enough to drive anyone crazy.

No wonder wedding planning is such a flourishing

How Custom Dresses Are Made

If you want to look special on your wedding day, then you should choose to have a custom made dress, so that you will look completely unique. These dresses are pieces which are made especially for you, and which meet your needs. Custom dresses are a great choice for those who want to find something that is different from other styles available.

If you are interested in custom dresses, you should take a little while to consider what kind of dress you are looking for, and what design features you would like. You will then be able to take these ideas to the dressmaker, and they will be able to begin to design the dress of your dreams for you. Whilst it may not be possible to use all of the features that you want in one piece of clothing, they should be able to utilise as many of your ideas as feasibly possible. They may even come up with a few different designs for you for custom dresses which you might be interested in, which will allow you to have the opportunity to pick the one that you like best. If you don’t like the ideas

Cheap Wedding Dresses And Other Ways To Cut The Cost Of Your Wedding Day

With the average cost of weddings rising year on year, many couples are putting off their wedding until they have had more time to save up enough money. However, it is possible to get married without spending thousands and without ruining your big day. Cheap wedding dresses are just one of the ways to cut your costs. Here are some ideas which will bring down the overall cost of your wedding day.

Week day wedding
Weddings on a week day are much less expensive than weddings on a weekend. Although you may have to book further in advance, so that your guest can get time off of work, having a week day wedding can actually save you thousands!

Send E-Invites
Sending out e-invites can save you hundreds on the cost of materials and postage. Theoretically, people should also be able to respond more quickly to the invites which you send via the internet. Using email calendar facilities, people will be able to pop the date straight into their smartphone or computer calendar as well, so they will be less likely to accidentally double book themselves on the day of your wedding.

Cheap wedding dresses

What Is A Two In One Wedding Dress

One of the latest wedding trends to become popular is the “two in one” wedding dress. More and more brides are now choosing this style of dress for their big day. But what are these dresses and why have they become so popular? Here is some information about this type of dress, so that you can decide whether you would like to get one for your special day.

A “two in one” wedding dress is a special type of dress which can be worn in two different ways, simply by making a few alterations. These alterations can be done on the big day, and they do not need the assistance of a professional dressmaker. For example, this dress design may involve a shorter dress which is covered by a longer, fuller skirt, which can be removed at any point. The shorter dress can be worn as a standalone piece.

This style of dress is becoming very popular, because they can allow the bride to change her look at the drop of a hat, without having to buy two separate dresses. Buying a piece which can be changed is much less expensive than choosing two different outfits

3 Factors To Consider When Buying A Wedding Ring

It’s estimated that up to 70% of men don’t know how to buy the right wedding ring. If you are planning of doing a wedding soon, here are some of the factors that you should consider when buying a ring.

Theme Of The Ring

Do you want to go for a traditional or modern ring? This depends on the theme of your wedding. If you are interested in a traditional ring, you should go for one without adornments or any special sheens. The best metals for traditional rings are silver, platinum, white or yellow gold.

If you want a modern ring you shouldn’t shy from going for unique metals such as ceramic, tungsten, diamond and titanium.

Wear And Tear

You also need to consider the durability of the wedding ring. For you to decide on the best metal to go for, you should consider your career. If you are in a career that doesn’t involve a lot of physical activities, you should go for traditional metals such as platinum or silver. You should note that platinum tends to easily scratch. Silver on the other hand tends to tarnish thus you need to take

Common Mistakes When Getting Mens Wedding Suits

When it comes to weddings, the bride takes all the attention with her long and luxurious gown. Apart from that, guests are also mesmerized with her wonderful hair style, makeup and accessories, leaving their soon-to-be-groom behind the spotlight. However, men should remember that they are part of this glorious event.

So, it is best for men to use a suit and wear their favorite perfume for their big day. Unfortunately, getting men’s wedding suits is not easy since there are certain issues that can affect your decision. In addition, men also experience mistakes in getting a suit. To help men find the best suit for their wedding, listed below are the common mistakes they must avoid.

Buying VS. Renting

Men have two options when it comes to getting a wedding suit, to buy or to rent one. As of now, renting a suit is one of the most popular options due to its price. But, there are certain drawbacks in renting. For one, men may not find the suit that they want. Next, no suit can fit them. And, some suits have damages, which can affect your looks. On the other hand, buying a suit

Simple Wedding Giveaways That Your Guests Would Appreciate

Wedding giveaways or favors are no longer expected in our society; however it is always nice to give your guest something to remind them of your special day. That said, choosing a unique giveaway can be difficult knowing how many weddings are being officiated every day and if you have attended countless weddings, you know the feeling of receiving the same favors every time. You can however be a game changer by making your giveaways not only unique but also something that your guest will certainly appreciate.


You will never go wrong with giving away food. Not only will your guests appreciate it, it is also easy to do it by yourself or with your friends. You can give homemade cookies, granola bars, healthy snacks and treats that your guests can take home. If you are generous enough, you can just make them mix their own treats and provide a bag or a cute container to put everything in. Aside from these stuffs, you can also give homemade jams, concentrated juice and other homemade goodies. Just remember to use cute packaging or containers and personalize the labeling to make the giveaways extra special. Your guest

Meanings and Usage of the Popular Wedding Flowers

If you are all set to walk down the aisle, you should give special attention to select the perfect flowers for your wedding bouquet and arrangement. Before you decide your wedding flowers, have a look on the meaning of certain popular wedding blooms to be sure your bouquet symbolizes true love, loyalty and passion.


Alstroemeria is named after the famous Swedish botanist Klas von Alstroemer. Alstroemeria also known as Parrot Lily or Parrot Lily is associated with fortune, wealth and prosperity. Alstroemeria has no fragrance and come in different exciting colours like orange, apricot, white, lavender, pink, mauve, bi-colours etc. Beautiful white Alstromeria which symbolizes friendship also, would make a dazzling backdrop for any wedding bouquet or flower arrangement.

Calla Lilies

If you want a sophisticated wedding, Calla lilies would be a perfect choice for you as it adds grace and elegance to your marriage. Derived from Greek word meaning beauty, it’s a popular choice for weddings as well as other romantic occasions. In some community this flower is believed to be a symbol of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, making it associated with fait and purity. As Calla lilies usually blossom in spring, they

How to Buy Bridesmaid Dresses

Your bridal party is excited to accompany you as you walk down the aisle for your special moment. The thought is so exacting. But, delve a little deeper and you will understand the challenges as well. A bridesmaid is not just another ordinary girl. She is the next most special guest after the couple. What does this mean? To put it simply, this means that if your friend is part of the bridesmaid troop, you need to ensure that she looks special.

While makeup and presentation are important, it is your attire that will set the tone of the look of your bridal party. So, make sure, you invest the required time and effort to choose the right dress.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right bridesmaid dress:

Stay within the budget: Weddings can be lavish or in a shoe string budget. Either way, you will always set aside a budget for the different jobs. Make sure you let the bridal party know about the budget that you have set aside for the bridesmaid dresses. This will help them make the right choice and you will set expectations from the start

Wedding Planner 10 Wedding Budget Tips to Share With Your Brides

Brides rely on you, as their wedding planner, to be savvy about the best ways for them to use their wedding budget dollars wisely. Here are the 10 tips you can share with your brides to help them:

1) Actually have a budget, not a vague idea of how much you have available

Put this amount in a separate account and pay all of your bills from it so you can easily see how much you have at all times. Track expenses in a notebook, wedding app or use the budget worksheets that you can find on most wedding websites.

You might also want to dedicate one credit card to use for all wedding-related expenses.

2) Don’t keep secrets from each other about how the money is being spent

Both of you should be aware of how much things cost and be sure you make decisions for major purchases together. You don’t want to start your marriage with financial secrets.

3) Understand that if someone else pays for your wedding, they may get to have the last word

When parents, or anyone else, pays for your wedding, you could lose control

Top Things to Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

The best marriage ceremonies are ones that guests talk about years later. They recall the magical ambiance that made them memorable, whether casual or formal. Every couple dreams that their day will be such an event, but may be stumped about what it takes to actually make it one. Looking at various wedding venues is the place to start making that dream a lasting memory.

Options Galore

A company that has access to a multitude of areas is ideal. For a memorable day, guests need to see more than photos of the bride and groom as children, or hear more than a special song for the couple while sipping punch in a box-like room filled with flowers. When guests arrive, they must forget they are entering a rented accommodation. Instead, they must feel they are entering a private world, one that only a select few have permission to enter. This can’t be achieved with a generic space.

Available Accommodations

Outdoor ceremonies usually allow for a more relaxed structure, with guests lounging on comfortable chairs or even standing for the ceremony. The natural surroundings evoke a romantic mood framed by a vast sky, highlighted by

5 Wedding Ideas To Have An Unique Wedding That No One Will Forget

The wedding is one of the happiest moments in a person’s life. When you are planning yours, you just know that it is special. However, unless it stands out in a way or another, for most of the guests it might be just another wedding they attend and they won’t remember much of it a few months later.

There are unique wedding ideas that can make yours shine and become a spectacular event not only for the bride and groom, but for each and every guest.

Here are some useful wedding ideas to transform yours from a regular wedding into an unforgettable event for everyone:

1. Pick a theme. Themed weddings are always fun and a great source of unique wedding ideas. Talk with your future spouse and brainstorm together. While your own preferences are always the most important, don’t forget to try to take into account the guests as well. For example, you can’t go for a new movie if most guests will be elderly persons and won’t know what is happening.

The theme can relate to anything within reason so you can be as creative as you wish. If you can afford

Step by Step Guide to Plan Your Wedding

Plan your budget

While planning your wedding, you must have a clear cut idea about how much you can afford to spend. Based on the budget you should finalize the venue and caterers. Some couples fund their own wedding while in some cases parents will share the budget. There are also some parents who fund the entire event. But whatever the case you must fix a budget before finalizing other things.

Find your perfect wedding venue

The second important thing is to plan and finalize your wedding venue. People book venues almost one year in advance. The wedding date depends a lot on the availability of the venue. So you must finalize the venue without any delay. After booking the reception venue, you must decide where you will be spending your first night as a couple. If your wedding reception is not happening in a place with hotel facilities you will have to book a hotel room in advance.

Buy wedding insurance

Wedding is an expensive affair. There are a lot of expenses, from wedding rings, wedding dress, to catering and other wedding essentials; they will cost you a lot. It is better

Best Wedding Dress And Bridal Shoes Selection Tips

The white wedding dress has dependably been synonymous with marriage for quite a while, yet there are diverse shades of white to look over. In this way the most essential thing is picking the shade of white that supplements you. A simple intimation amid wedding outfit choice is your skin tone. The darker the skin tone, the brighter the white shade. Although the right wedding photographer can beautifully protect the whole occasion’s happenings, the feelings, and the fun-for eternity! One flawless picture can in a flash take you back to the happiest day of your life, and one immaculate collection can turn into your most loved foot stool book.

A Basic Investigation Of These White Shades Is Done Beneath:

Stark White – It is the whitest and the brightest. This white shade looks dazzling against dim skin consequently not prudent to wear on the off chance that you are a reasonable cleaned magnificence. Polyester mixes and glossy silks are a portion of the engineered fabric used to make this wedding dress.

Ivory – Likewise alluded to as candlelight or eggshell. They are fundamentally for more pleasant skin tones and women with pink feelings. Some of

Budgeting for a Blissful Wedding

You’re planning for the perfect wedding, but will you put the same amount of attention into planning your wedding budget? Knowing how much money you have to work with will help you plan a wedding that satisfies both your dreams and finances. While budgeting can be a daunting task, consider how the average cost of weddings in the U.S. has risen over the years, reaching $33,000 in 20161. Here are some tips to help you get started – whether you’re helping finance your child’s nuptials or your own.

Set expectations. The bride, groom and parents on each side may each have different thoughts about the ideal wedding. If you’re the bride or the groom, talk with your partner about what aspects of the wedding are most important to you. If you’re a parent, talk openly with the couple to hear their expectations.

Decide on a location. Do you have your heart set on a destination wedding? That’s great, as long as you’re prepared to incur the added expense of airfare and accommodations (and manage the logistical challenges of long-distance event planning). However, it’s common for destination weddings to have a smaller guest list, which may help